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Buy Backwoods Online from the best shop e are rustic looking smokes, made from all-natural tobaccos. Made in the Dominican, each smokes mild yet delicious, thanks to a of tasty elements that pair naturally well with natural tobacco flavor from the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. And now, the best part: Backwoods cigars are a tried-and-true “go anywhere” cigar, making them a great pick for enjoying a cigar when you’re tight on time, or don’t need to go knocking around with full size premiums in your pocket. Find your favorite flavor – and order now!

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Yes, there are many cigars like Backwoods – but few do it this well. Backwoods cigars are offered in a sweet array of flavors to naturally pair with the all-natural tobaccos both inside and out. Three on-the-go smokes are right at home in the great outdoors – and packaged five to a foil pouch, they’re easy to toss in your e box or tackle box for whenever you have the time to enjoy a cigar!Buy Backwoods cigars

Buy Backwoods  online

Sweet. Aromatic. The list goes on. Backwoods cigar flavors add a sweet twist to their mellow tobacco blend: Honey Berry matches honey’s sweetness with fresh berry; Backwoods Honey stays true with warm honey flavor.


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Why Should I buy Backwoods Cigars ?

were introduced nationally in 1981 and were an overnight success.

Their unique structure and look, wild and mild as it was called, with a frayed end, tapered body and unfinished head, had great appeal to cigar smokers. This is why Backwoods cigars are so popular. Buy Backwoods Online


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